Q: How can I burn a DVD?

A: First, you will need a DVD-R drive, a Blank DVD-R disc, and DVD burning software (free downloads are available from third parties for PC and Mac.)

For windows users, we recommend the great free CDBurnerXP software (http://cdburnerxp.se/en/download).
Mac users can use the included Disk Utility within OSX.

Step 1. Prepare the file to download

Please click "Download" button. If it is first time for you to download the slideshow, you'll see "create movie" button. Please click on it to transform the slideshow.
When your slideshow has finished transformation into MPEG and ISO format, you'll get an email from PhotoPeach.

Step 2. Download the ISO

please click "Download ISO" button to download the ISO format which is used for DVD burning.

Step 3. Burn a DVD with DVD burning software
[For Windows users]

We recommend you "CDBurnerXP", a free DVD-burning software. You can download CDBurnerXP here. To burn the ISO with CDBurnerXP, simply run the application and click "Burn ISO image" then follow the simple instructions within the program. For more detail, please refer to the helpful tutorial at http://cdburnerxp.se/help/Data/burn-iso.

[For Mac users]
Mac users can use the included Disk Utility within OSX. Here is a handy guide for all the apple fans: (http://lifehacker.com/251758/mac-tip--how-to-burn-an-iso-or-dmg-file-to-disc).